Sessions are about learning to relate differently to painful thoughts and emotions - and doing what works to live a meaningful life

The content of sessions can vary depending on your needs. Sessions may be more talk-focused or goal-focused or we might practise new skills for coping more effectively with painful thoughts, emotions or situations. 

I use mostly Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), evidence-based approaches that have been shown to effectively help people change. 

I provide a safe space to help you find the clarity and clear-headedness to start moving towards what matters to you - to creating a life of meaning and vitality and freedom. We only go back to the past to the extent that it is relevant to what is happening right now. 

We integrate the body / physical sensations in our work together and build awareness of emotions and intuition through mindfulness.

My style is practical and has been described as gentle yet firm. 

Sessions could help you with:

  • FINDING BALANCE between various aspects of your life (work, family, play, health).
  • DEALING WITH CHANGE such as moving to a new country, giving birth, divorce, infertility.
  • RELATIONSHIP DIFFICULTIES such problems with partners, colleagues, family, social anxiety, difficulties in finding love or being in a romantic relationship. 
  • FOOD ISSUES such as emotional eating, cravings, binge eating or simply wanting to eating more 'normally' by stepping away from diet mentality into a healthier relationship with food.
  • EMOTIONAL DIFFICULTIES such as anxiety, depression, fear or sadness. 
  • FINDING MEANING IN LIFE such as feeling disconnected from life or like life feels flat.
  • SELF-SABOTAGE / HABIT CHANGE when you know what you want to do but get in your own way.
  • FINDING DIRECTION finding the next steps in life or making decisions, exploring what next?
  • WORK-RELATED ISSUES like maladaptive perfectionism, procrastination or paralysis.
If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.
— Steven Hayes, Founder of ACT

How sessions work

Sessions last one hour and can be one-off sessions, weekly sessions or occasional sessions. 

In order to get the most from our time together, we agree on ways of practising the new skills you acquire during sessions, in between sessions. 

Sessions can also include handouts and email contact between sessions.

Sessions are in English or French.

As a member of the Swiss Federation of Psychologists (FSP), I am sometimes reimbursed by complementary insurance or by international / UN insurance. It is your responsibility to check with your insurance. 

Where sessions take place

Sessions take place in both Geneva and Lausanne in central locations. 

Geneva (Tuesdays + Thursdays): 44 rue de Lausanne, 1201 Geneva

Lausanne (Mondays + Wednesdays + Fridays): 18 rue du Grand-Pont, 1003 Lausanne

Online / Skype from anywhere in the world.

Book a session via my online calendar below or get in touch with any questions!