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Relationship Patterns

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Do you notice that you often repeat certain patterns in your relationships (both romantic and others)? 

Maybe others take advantage of how nice you are and you feel resentment or frustration - like nobody supports you. 

Maybe you play small, take up as little space as possible or try to be easy-going and cool - and then feeling unseen or unappreciated. 

Maybe you help everyone out, are always there for them...but nobody is really there for YOU. 

Or you might feel cut off, disconnected, distant from other people - like nobody really understands you. 

The patterns we repeat in relationships make sense. They are often how we learned to act as children to be in connection with others and to be valued - and this relationship blueprint is what still guides us today as adults. 

It isn’t our fault - and it also isn’t our destiny.

By better understanding why we do what we do, we can start to question and change how we show up in our relationships instead of just doing what we’ve always done.

This interactive talk will mix attachment theory and boundary styles to help explain in a fun way common relationship patterns. 

Location: Lausanne Therapy Space - 18 rue du Grand-Pont - 1003 Lausanne

Cost: 40 CHF

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